A kitchen is only as good as its installation

When it comes to the perfect kitchen, manufacturers invest significant resources in crafting top-quality products. From sleek cabinet hinges that close with a satisfying click to countertops that gleam with modern elegance, every detail is meticulously designed. However, there’s a crucial element that often gets overlooked in the pursuit of the ideal kitchen: the installation.

A better kitchen installation is a reflection of quality

Just imagine: You’ve invested in a kitchen with all the bells and whistles – soft-close drawers, premium appliances, and exquisite finishes. But, when it’s finally installed, something feels off. The doors don’t align properly, the countertop seams are visible, and worst of all, the whole kitchen seems to lack that ‘wow’ factor.

The truth is, no matter how exceptional your kitchen products are, a subpar installation can tarnish their brilliance. Manufacturers spend significant time and effort perfecting their offerings, but if they’re not installed correctly, they can come across as low-quality. This isn’t just a setback for homeowners; it reflects poorly on the manufacturer as well.

The solution: Standardise your installation

A better kitchen installation comes from standardisation. Perfect your process and repeat. Here’s what we suggest:

Use quality installation products

Invest in top-notch installation products like adhesives and sealants. These are the invisible heroes that hold your kitchen together. Opt for adhesives that are not only sturdy but also meet hygiene standards. Consider colour-matched adhesives and sealants to ensure a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Collaborate with experts

Partner with companies that specialise in standardising installations. Here at Unika, we work closely with manufacturers to ensure that the installation process matches the quality of the products being installed.

Unika: Elevating kitchen installations

Unika’s expertise and dedication to perfection have made us the go-to choice for renowned manufacturers like Egger, Formica, and Greenlam.


Egger, a brand known for its high-quality materials, relies on Unika’s products to maintain the same standard during installation. This partnership ensures that Egger’s exceptional products shine from the moment they’re installed.


Formica’s timeless designs deserve an equally meticulous installation. Unika’s products are an essential part of Formica’s installation process, guaranteeing that every Formica kitchen is stunning.


Greenlam, renowned for its innovative laminates, understands the importance of a flawless installation. By incorporating Unika’s products into their installations, Greenlam ensures that their kitchens stand out for all the right reasons.

In our world, the saying “a kitchen is only as good as its installation” couldn’t be truer. Standardise your installation process, utilise top quality installation products and collaborate with experts like Unika. By doing so, you can ensure that every kitchen you create not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving homeowners delighted and reflecting positively on your own reputation.

It’s not just about what you put in the kitchen; it’s about how you put it all together.