Belfast/Butler Sink Jig

The Belfast/Butler Sink Jig is suitable for ceramic sinks up to 1050mm long and from 440-515mm wide.

Belfast/Butler sink jig will rout recesses into worktops for single or double Belfast sinks.  It enables you to accurately rout a drip channel groove on the underside of the worktop and around the outside of the sink recess (5-6mm from the worktop edge).

  • For Worktop Recess use with a 12.7mm Tungsten Carbide Router Cutter and 30mm Guide Bush.
  • For Drip Channel groove use with a 5 or 6mm diameter (3/16” or ¼”) Tungsten Carbide Round Nose Cutter and 16mm Guide Bush.
  • 12mm Hardwearing Compact Laminate
  • Guaranteed never to warp

For an expertly fitted kitchen, use a jig manufactured by Unika – Europe’s leading Worktop Jig company

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