EasiBolt Holder + 150mm Worktop Bolts. EasiBolt will join two mitred worktops together.
EasiBolt is easy to use. Position the bolt in place in the cut outs on the underside of the kitchen worktop.

Place the EasiBolt over one end of the bolt as per the photo above.

Set worktop to correct level and tighten bolt. The EasiBolt holder will allow the bolt to be fully tightened, there is no need to remove EasiBolt after the job is complete.

For an expertly fitted kitchen, use accessories manufactured by Unika.

Reasons to buy

  • Unika EasiBolt will hold a 150mm Worktop Connecting bolt in place while the worktop is set in position prior to the bolt being tightened
  • By using EasiBolt both hands are left free for tightening
  • EasiBolt makes the job of tightening bolts under a kitchen work surface much easier.

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